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Additional construction pictures...

Framing begins on March 24

     The week of March 24th was spent mostly with framing work and installation of the roof.

Framing for the fireplace

     Framing for the fireplace was completed on Monday, as was the closet at the opposite end of the room.

View showing the kneewall

    The plastic barrier keeps the cold and dirt from the house while work continues in the addition.

The outside exhaust installed

    After the outside exhaust is put in place, the fireplace is pushed into place and connected to the exhaust.

Siding being installed

    Installation of siding by Bowman & Sons began on Monday, April 14. 

Dropping gas line from overhead to fireplace

    The gas line was pulled through the ceiling area from the gas meter outside to the fireplace... about 50 feet overall.

Looking back toward the kitchen area

     By Thursday, April 17, the drywall was up, and it was time to put the metal strips around the corners.

Donnie McCurdy completes the roof

     The shingles arrived on Monday, March 31 and roofing was completed in a couple of days.

Rear view of the house

    The rear view of the house shows how the addition blends into the roof of the original structure.

Rearview of the new addition

    This is the closer view of the new addition.  Installation of the siding is expected to begin the week of April 14.

Pushing fireplace into place

    The fireplace is pushed into place by workers from the Fireplace Shop and then secured to the wall frame.

Most of the siding installed

     They finished the soffit on Tuesday.

Ceiling insulation being tacked into place

    R-30 insulation went into the ceiling, followed by R-19 in the walls.

Kevin McCurdy applies mud

    Applying mud to the drywall began on Friday.  It will dry over the weekend before the final coat is applied.

Plastic going up between rooms

     A plastic barrier goes up so workers can begin tearing out the back wall that will open into the new room.

Jacks holding up the ceiling

     Jacks were placed in the current family room to hold up the ceiling, enabling the demolition of the outside wall.

Hole in wall for fireplace exhaust

     A hole is cut through the wall for the fireplace exhaust.  No chimney is needed for these gas fireplaces.

Fireplace installed

    The fireplace has been secured to the wall frame.  Next will come installation of the gas pipe and thermostat.

Rearview with siding completed

    The house appears to be nearly completed with the siding in place.

Ceiling drywall goes up

    Sometimes it took four workers to hold the drywall into place.

Reaching for the top

    Three McCurdy workers toiled all day putting on the mud.  They will continue the process on Monday.